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Exhibitor Terms and Conditions - Brisbane Persian Book Fair

1. General Agreement:

   By participating as an exhibitor in the Brisbane Persian Book Fair, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions.


2. Registration:

   a. Exhibitors must complete the registration form provided by the event organizers.

   b. Registrations must be submitted by the specified deadline to secure participation.


3. Eligibility:

   a. Exhibitors must be Persian bookstores, cultural organizations, artists, authors, or related entities.

   b. The content and offerings of exhibitors should align with the theme and purpose of the book fair.


4. Booth Allocation:

   a. Booth assignments will be made by the event organizers based on availability and suitability.

   b. Special requests for specific booth locations will be considered but are not guaranteed.

5. Setup and Display:

   a. Exhibitors are responsible for setting up their booth displays in a professional and attractive manner.

   b. All displays must comply with safety regulations and should not obstruct visibility or access to neighbouring booths.


6. Sales and Transactions:

   a. Exhibitors are solely responsible for conducting their own sales and transactions during the event.

   b. Prices, payment methods, and sales tax compliance are the exhibitor's responsibility.


7. Insurance and Liability:

   a. Exhibitors are advised to obtain their own insurance coverage for their property and products.

   b. The event organizers and venue will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of exhibitor's property.

  c. Exhibitors must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements related to their products, services, and activities at the book fair. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to obtain any necessary permits or licenses.


8. Attendance and Staffing:

   a. Exhibitors must ensure that their booth is staffed during the designated event hours.

   b. Exhibitors should provide knowledgeable staff to assist attendees and answer questions about their products or services.

   c. Exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the duration of the book fair.



9. Promotion and Marketing:

   a. Exhibitors are encouraged to promote their participation in the book fair through their own marketing channels.

   b. The event organizers may include exhibitor information in event marketing materials with proper consent. (By participating in the book fair, exhibitors grant the organisers the right to include their name, logo, and booth information in promotional materials, including but not limited to event websites, social media posts, press releases, and printed advertisements. The organizers reserve the right to use such materials for advertising and promotional purposes before, during, and after the book fair.)

   c. Exhibitors are encouraged to include the name of the organiser, Iranian Society of Queensland, in their advertising materials related to their participation in the book fair. This may include but is not limited to digital advertisements, social media posts, websites, and print materials. By including the organiser's name, exhibitors contribute to the overall promotion of the book fair and support its success.

   d. Exhibitors agree that when their participation in the book fair is published or featured in any media, including but not limited to news articles, blog posts, or video content, they will ensure proper recognition and attribution of the organiser, Iranian Society of Queensland. This includes mentioning the name of the organiser and giving credit for the event's organisation and management.

10.Non-Political Orientation Policy

The event is intended to be a platform for promoting literature, culture, and community engagement. Therefore, it is important to note that the event cannot be utilized for the promotion of any political orientation.

11. Cancellation:

    a. Cancellations must be communicated to the event organizers in writing.


By participating in the Brisbane Persian Book Fair, exhibitors agree to comply with these terms and conditions. The event organizers reserve the right to make changes or additions to these terms as necessary.Please review these terms carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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