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About Yari

Yari is a sub-group of the Iranian Society of QLD, run by Iranian volunteers, providing services and support to Iranian asylum seekers, so they feel safe and well-respected.

Our goals are helping the asylum seekers in Iran to settle down in Australia smoothly, connecting them with the Iranian community and encouraging them to be involved in social activities.

 Our plans are:

  •  Organizing classes (English language, job-seeking, resume writing, driving lessons, handicraft, art, self-awareness, spiritual courses, etc.)
  •  Organizing activities (outdoors and excursions, laughing club, dance, music, etc.)
  •  Organizing events (Nowruz, Mehregan, Yalda, concerts, etc.)
  •  Programs for children (playgroups, story-telling, etc.)
  •  Establishing a women's and mothers’ group


For more information please email yari.isqld@gmail.com

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