Terms & Conditions

  • You agree to abide by all ISQ policies and procedures and all applicable rules and regulations of the venue/s in which any event/s held by ISQ are

·         As a community member you acknowledge that you need permission to access the building and facilities on site

  • You hereby indemnify ISQ, its staff and volunteer/s and the venue/s in which any event/s are held against any claims in relation to any injury or damage which you may sustain to your person or
  • You authorize ISQ to obtain emergency medical or other assistance that you may require at your expense, in the case of an
  • You understand that as part of this application, you will have to make the relevant payment for your class of membership. Otherwise this application will not be considered. Should your application for membership be rejected you will receive a full
  • You acknowledge that ISQ has by means of this application advised you that ISQ currently has Public Liability Insurance as required by
  • You hereby declare that the information provided by you, is true and correct at the time of completing this application, and that you will notify ISQ of any changes to the above details within 14 days, and agree to these terms and
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, and are available upon request.
  • Iranian Society of Queensland has no responsibilities regarding the reliability of your advertisements and the clients are remain responsible for reliability and validity of their advertisements.
  • By signing up, subscribe, sending email, registering forms, contacting us forms, phone call or social media contact means that you give permission ISQ to communicate with you by sending  newsletter, Email, phone call, text massage, postal, mail, social media channel and other communication channels.