About Sizdah Bedar

Sizdah Bedar (Persian: سیزده‌بدر‎‎ – Sizdebedar), also known as Nature’s Day, is an Iranian festival held annually on the thirteenth day of Farvardin (the first month of the Iranian calendar), during which people spend time picnicking outdoors.[1] It marks the end of the Nowruz holidays in Iran.

Throwing away the greenery

A ritual performed at the end of the picnic is to throw away the greenery (سبزه – Sabze) collected for Haft-Seen, the customary setting of Nowruz in Iran. Touching someone else’s greenery on this day or bringing it back home is considered a bad omen.

Knotting the greenery

It is also customary for young single people, especially young girls, to tie the leaves of the greenery before discarding it, expressing a wish to find a partner.