Poetry Nights

The poetry nights are series of sessions being held every second Tuesday at ISQ building. Each session introduces one of the Persian poets and the participants read the poems followed by poetry analysis.

The session coordinator is Mr. Ali Koohestani who organizes and plans the content.

You can follow the sessions by browsing this page or the ISQ Facebook page.

Sport Club

The sports club was initially founded by a few members of ISQ in order to provide a friendly environment for all Iranians who want to gather together to play sports and enjoy their free time.

Currently, there are two active sports :

  • Volleyball
  • Indoor Soccer

ISQ encourages all Iranians to join this friendly group and spend some times in an active and sporty environment.


Iranian Society of Queensland is running weekly Shahnameh reading classes since 2012.

Shahanemh (The book of kings) is the epic poem by Iran’s national poet Ferdowsiwhich stretches back to one thousand years ago and is the largest poetry book of rich Persian literature.

Shahnameh tells the story of Iran’s mythical past, the rise and fall of kings, grand romances, epic battles, the trials and tribulations.

The stories are orchestrated with the fine art of capturing words, with special attention paid to depicting the situations, facial expressions and gestures.

Main activities of participants in these classes are reading all the couplets of this book and discuss them. However, they also do researches on stories, root of words and the influence of this masterpiece on other poets along the history of Iran’s literature.

Outdoor activities and Eco-tour Group

ISCO is an eco-tour group and a sub-committee of Iranian Society of Queensland. It was founded to hold and plan tour events and outdoor activities within Queensland which include bush walking, Mt. climbing, camping, kayaking and trekking.

Some of the recent activities we had are as follows:

  • Trekking in Mt Tambourine
  • Trekking, BBQ and picnicking in Mt Coo-tha
  • Trekking in Mt Gravatt
  • Walking around Manchester Lake
  • Trekking in Lamington Park
  • Mt Climbing and camping in Mt Barny
  • Trekking and Mt Climbing in Mt Glorious
  • Picnicking in Daisy Hills
  • Picnicking and BBQ in Lake Moogra
  • Trekking, camping and Mt climbing in Spring Brook National Park
  • Oxfem Competition
  • Kayaking on Brisbane river
  • Mt Warning Climbing
  • Picnicking at Wellington Point


The photos below have been taken from above activities and moments with group members: