About Iranian Society of Queensland Inc (ISQ)

Iranian Society of Queensland Inc (ISQ) is a non-profit organisation and is recognized as the main community of Iranians in Queensland. It was first established and incorporated as Iranian Community Association of Queensland in 1989. Then it was re-registered under new name as Iranian Society of Queensland (ISQ) with new association rules in 1998.

ISQ is incorporated as a Not-for-Profit, community organisation in Queensland, Australia. It is aimed to have cultural benefits for Iranians and Australians.

ISQ Missions

The mission is to promote the Iranian/Persian culture, arts and history among new Iranian generation and Australian people in order to build a strong relationship between Iranian and Australian societies.

In addition, ISQ aims to support Iranian community in Australia including migrants and refugees. This can be done by providing information and education to new comers and other members.

Tasks are managed by ISQ board, done through sub-committees and run by dedicated people who volunteer to contribute their time based on their expertise and desire to share thoughts, efforts, and joy for greater outcomes.

ISQ welcomes all thoughts and new ideas which help and support the multiculturalism in Australian community and Queensland. Also, ISQ encourages all members and other communities to cooperate with ISQ through joint events and sessions in order to promote multiculturalism among societies.

ISQ Structure of Committee Members

Board of Directors of the Iranian Society of Queensland


Samad Afkar
Jamshid Vazirzadeh
Roja Gholamhosseini
Bahar Chaychi
Navid Dehdashti
Keiyvan Najafi